Freunde der Nationalgalerie
Exhibition Design and Campaign
Neue Nationalgalerie
Isa Genzken. 75/75
Klaus Biesenbach & Lisa Botti

To mark her 75th birthday, the Neue Nationalgalerie (NNG) honored Isa Genzken with an exhibition titled "Isa Genzken. 75/75" and showed 75 sculptures across the creative phases of the artist from the1970s until today. The sculptures were distributed in the main glass hall of the NNG and showed the complexity and variety of Isa Genzken’s work. We were commissioned to create the exhibition graphics. For the exhibition’s campaign poster we used a color that is reflected in the works of the artist, and combined it with one of her most contemporary sculptures.

The goal within the exhibition space was to leave the 75 sculptures as untouched as possible and to let them speak for themselves. However, we also wanted to make it possible for visitors to read into the details and background of the works wherever possible. To orient visitors, we developed a floor plan with miniature depictions of the works at their exact placement. In addition to the floor plan, we produced a bilingual pamphlet visitors were able to take home, discussing the individual groups of Isa Genzken's works and allowing for deeper insight into the artist's background and development process.