Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn
Exhibition Design
Wir Kapitalisten: Von Anfang bis Turbo
Henriette Pleiger & Wolfger Stumpfe
Exhibition Architecture
Studio Miessen

Capitalism is far more than just an economic system. It is a social order that has shaped our thinking, feeling and existence for centuries. In a figurative sense, this DNA of capitalism has long since become part of our own DNA. The exhibition asked: how does capitalism shape our identity and history, for example, in terms of individuality, sense of time, and material ownership? Using objects from art, history, and popular culture, the aim was to enable visitors to approach a complex topic of high social relevance. 

Today, nothing represents the appropriation and processes of transnational corporations and capitalism more than logistics centers. We took this aspect as an inspiration to propose an exhibition design that was based on standard industrial shelving systems. The exhibition design, in collaboration with the company Mobilrot, made it possible to utilize these industrial shelving systems to frame and showcase the exhibition’s assets. We organized shelving elements into both standalone features and multi-element rows, fastened together as long homogenous units.