Los Angeles Cold Press
Corporate Design and Packaging
Nancy & Cindy Bachmann
LACP Cold Pressed Juices
Since 2014

The sisters Cindy and Nancy Bachmann aimed to bring the warming California sun to Berlin with their company Los Angeles Cold Press. Under the motto "Reconnect yourself to the healing power of nature," they offer fresh cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses and nut milks. Each juice is cold pressed using a special hydraulic juicing process, which gently extracts a full range of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes and other vital elements to deliver an abundance of raw nutrients and elevate the healing potential of nature’s sacred plants. We developed a logo and brand identity to reflect the ease of the Californian lifestyle and put nutritious ingredients at the center of the concept. We aimed to keep the label design minimal to let the juices and fruits with their amazing colors speak for themselves.