Dr. Christina Jaglas
Corporate Design and Packaging

A medieval monastery pharmacy recipe for herbal bitters started everything for the business now run by Christina Jagla. Her great-grandfather Max Jagla started making and selling the recipe in his apothecary, and since then the recipe has been adapted and refined – differentiated into various spirits and tinctures from generation to generation. Newer formulations and compositions, as well as non-alcoholic recipes have long since been added to the offering. Regardless of the recipe, the following always applies: the herbs used are so pure that they meet the requirements of the German Pharmacopoeia. For the brand, we developed a corporate identity as well as packaging design. In using botanical illustrations from the period when the original recipe was created, we aimed to reference the long history of their products while visually translating their historic assets into a contemporary design and brand language. This project won the German Design Award.